Terms and conditions for the realbest.de recommendation programme for private individuals


1.    General

1.1  Private persons using the recommendation programme („private recommendation givers“) must be of age (so have reached the end of their 18th year).

1.2  The private recommendation giver shall make use of the real estate offers and all further functions of www.realbest.de exclusively for the purpose of serious recommendations.

1.3  Private recommendation givers must be registered on www.realbest.de.


2.    Awards for successful recommendations by private recommendation givers

2.1  All real estate offers published on www.realbest.de are provided with a recommendation award. As a (registered) recommendation giver, the user can recommend real estate offers via the www.realbest.de platform to adequate persons from their network by e-mail. After entering the data (name, e-mail address, address), the person receives an invitation to register on www.realbest.de. The invitation is sent through the realbest.de system in behalf of the private recommendation giver, his or her e-mail address of the latter is indicated as addresser. The invited person can use the link in the invitation mail for registration or register directly on the realbest.de homepage. If the person does not complete registration within 2 weeks, the data collected in the context of the recommendation event will be deleted.

2.2  If the concerned person completes his or her registration on realbest.de, he or she is considered as introduced by the private recommendation giver. In the event of the conclusion of an agreement for sale with the same person, the private recommendation giver will immediately be notified about the possible award amount.

2.3  A claim on the payment of the award for the private recommendation giver is admitted, provided that the person subject to commission has paid the owed commission. The claim only arises with full commission payment. Only the private recommendation giver is entitled to the award.

2.4  realbest.de will assert the claim on commission payment vis-à-vis the person subject to commission with adequate expenditure but is also entitled to renounce the assertion, if at reasonable discretion the effort in relation to the amount of commission appears disproportionate.

2.5  Within 30 days after the reception of the correspondent payment from the person subject to commission, realbest.de will pay the award to the private recommendation giver. The latter will therefor convey his bank details on request.

2.6  realbest.de explicitly points out, that the recommendation awards represent an income as defined by the Income Tax Act. The beneficiary of the recommendation award is obligated to declare this income to the tax authorities. The private recommendation giver must inform realbest.de in case liability for VAT exists. realbest.de does not take any responsibility in this context for third parties – insofar as legally admissible.


3.    Further arrangements between realbest and the private recommendation giver

3. 1. If an invited person registers several times due to invitations of distinct recommendation givers, and if this is not noticeable for realbest.de with reasonable effort, so in case of the conclusion of an agreement to sale it is determining for the matter of award claims via which registered account the person has conducted a reservation or – if no reservation occurs – the initial view of the sales object has taken place.

3.2. If the private recommendation giver invites friends or acquaintances to register on realbest.de (by sending the invitation within the scope of the platform), then this person only counts for introduced, if the person registers within 2 weeks after the invitation to realbest.de. If the registration is not carried out within the above mentioned 2 weeks, realbest clears it by deleting the deposited client data. Subsequently, the client can be registered to realbest.de by third recommendation givers or by other means, and will not count as introduced by the initial recommendation giver.

4.   Other designations

4.1 Complementarily, only the terms and conditions of the realbest Germany GmbH apply.

4.2 realbest.de is entitled to end the recommendation programme without having to provide specific reasons.