General terms of use


1. Area of application

realbest GmbH, Friedenstraße 91, 10249 Berlin (“realbest”) offers the use of the platform (“platform”). Use of the platform by visitors is governed exclusively by the terms of use that follow.

realbest is a real estate network for buyers, sellers and select estate agents.

Buyers establish contact with the responsible estate agent online. They can review sales documentation online and reserve their desired property as well.

Sellers gain access to an effective and discrete network, expanding their coverage and multiplying the number of qualified customer contacts while minimising the time required to make a sale.

Estate agents are permitted to recommend realbest real estate to qualified existing customers, effectively and with customer protection.

2. Application of additional general terms and conditions

Insofar as estate agents and buyers want to use the platform, special terms and conditions for estate agents (“General Terms and Conditions – Estate Agents”) and special terms and conditions for buyers (“General Terms and Conditions – Buyers”) apply in addition.

3. Registration and data privacy

Appearing on the platform as an estate agent or buyer requires registration with realbest. There is no right to registration by realbest. In order to register, the user has to provide truthful information and promptly make updates in case of subsequent changes (to the extent intended: online).
Once registered, the user receives login information in the form of a username and password. This information may not be made accessible to third parties. The user is liable for all activities that take place under the user's login information. Exiting the password-protected section is required after every use. Should the user become aware that third parties are abusing the login information, this must be promptly reported to realbest. In this case realbest will block access. For enquiries regarding the blocking of access, contact The user has to re-register.
The user’s access rights may be revoked by realbest at any time by blocking the login information, especially if the user

·       has violated these terms and conditions or the user’s duty of care in using the login information, or

·       has provided incorrect information at registration, or

·       has violated applicable laws in the course of accessing or using the platform.

Personal information is collected by realbest in the course of registration. This information is used by realbest and may be disseminated to third parties to the extent permitted. For more detailed information on data collection upon registration with realbest, please see the Data Privacy Statement.
Registration with realbest is free of charge.

4. Obligations of the user

In using the platform, the user may not

·       violate proprietary rights, copyrights or other ownership rights,

·       violate good manners in its usage behaviour,

·       transmit content with malicious software,

·       enter, save or send hyperlinks or content which the user is not authorised for, or

·       disseminate advertisements or unsolicited e-mail (so-called spam) or inaccurate warnings of viruses, malfunctions and similar, or solicit participation in raffles, snowball systems, chain letters, pyramid schemes or similar actions.

5. Liability of realbest for online content

Liability by realbest in the context of the online use of the platform is excluded, except in case of mandatory liability e.g. under the Product Liability Act, due to intent, gross negligence, death, personal injury, the impairment of health, assuming a guarantee of specific characteristics, due to the malicious concealment of a defect or the violation of essential contractual obligations. However, compensation for damages due to the violation of essential contractual obligations is limited to foreseeable damages typical for the contract, except in case of intent or gross negligence.

To the extent third parties publish content on the platform, realbest assumes no liability. Those for whom publishing content is possible were expressly advised that they are only permitted to use their own photo and video material and, in particular, that compliance with German or international copyright is mandatory when using information, images and video material.

The contributions published by realbest are researched with due diligence. However, realbest cannot guarantee their accuracy. News, articles and contributions are in part based on third-party reports and are identified accordingly in this case.

While realbest attempts to keep the platform free of viruses by taking technical precautions, this cannot be guaranteed. The user for its own protection and to prevent viruses from entering the platform shall take suitable security precautions and implement a virus scanner.

6. Availability of the platform

Maximising the availability of the platform for users is a stated goal of realbest. However, there is no right to continuous availability due to technical reasons. In particular, the services may be temporarily unavailable and the platform inaccessible for maintenance, security or capacity reasons as well as events beyond our control.

The usability of the platform also depends on the technical equipment as well as the quality of the user's data connection over the internet. When required in view of capacity limits, the security of the realbest systems or for the implementation of technical measures, realbest reserves the right to temporarily restrict access to the platform at any time.

7. Copyright

All pages, layouts, source texts, software and their content are subject to copyright. Accessing, copying, saving, editing and converting the website, its content or the results generated or displayed with the display tools, in whole on in part, is permitted solely for private, non-commercial use. Modifying or removing copyright notices and trademarks is not permitted. All acts that go beyond the above require the prior written consent of realbest.

Posting a hyperlink from another website to a page belonging to this website without the prior written consent of realbest is prohibited. In particular, integrating or displaying a page belonging to this website or its content by means of a hyperlink in a partial window (frame) is prohibited.

8. Changes to the scope of performance

The availability of the platform may be terminated, expanded or modified by realbest at any time with adequate notice. This may be the case if the technical, legal or commercial constraints for using the internet change, and providing the services or maintaining the platform is made significantly more difficult or no longer reasonable for realbest as a result.

9. Applicable law

The substantive laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply exclusively for using the platform.

10. Contract language

The contract language is German. Insofar as the text of these general terms and conditions or other content of our platform is provided in a different language, this is solely in the interest of simplification and readability.