Financing Guideline


1. Area of application

realbest GmbH, Friedenstraße 91, 10249 Berlin (“realbest”) offers the use of the platform (“platform”). If the buyer is interested in a property offered on the platform and wants to buy it, the following financing guideline applies:

2. Qualification (Evaluation)

The buyer can qualify itself on the platform. By qualifying the interest in the property, the buyer demonstrates the intent of wanting to enter into serious negotiations with a seller. In case of qualification, the buyer obtains access to the full sales documentation and the reservation function for the corresponding property is activated.

3. Financing review

A mandatory financing review by a financing expert is carried out for qualification. The financing review is performed in the course of a telephone call between the buyer and financing expert lasting approximately 10 minutes. Once the financing review has been performed, this is indicated to the seller: the financing indicator in the buyer's profile displayed to the seller shows “green”. The financing experts are qualified, independent financial consultants and agents who have to be evaluated and verified by realbest. The financing experts require a license pursuant to Section 34c of the Trade, Commerce, and Industry Regulation Act (GewO) and a degree as a banker or in business administration or at least 5 years of work experience.

4. Use of the buyer's information

Beyond indicating that the financing review was performed (financing indicator “green”), no further financing information is provided to the seller. The buyer’s financing profile, which includes all information collected in the course of registration and qualification, is transmitted to a qualified financing expert who conducts the financing review with the buyer. The buyer may object to the use of the information at any time after performing the financing review with the financing expert. An objection before performing the financing review, or failing to give approval for using the information to conduct the financing review, means that viewing the complete property data of the seller is not possible and the reservation function is not activated.

5. Voluntary participation

Naturally, working with the financing expert after the financing review is entirely voluntary. The buyer is entirely free to choose the partner and financing institute for a financing transaction.

6. Proof of financing

The buyer has to provide the seller with proof of financing in the form accepted by the banking sector, no later than by the date of the appointment with the notary. Insofar proof has to be plausible and show that nothing stands in the way of financing the real estate purchase. One possibility is to submit a loan agreement approved by the respective financial institution or a written statement from the financial institution that a loan agreement can be presented at short notice. Proof of own resources must be provided by submitting statements (no more than 3 months old) for the respective account/deposit facility.