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It took just 5 minutes and only a few details to determine the market value of my property. Within 24 hours, I selected local estate agents had added their price estimate.
Nadine K.
121 m² freehold apartment in Berlin
We had to move cities for work and sell our detached house. Through the online estate agent comparison provided by, we were able to gather objective opinions with minimal effort and sell the house at an astonishingly high price.
Melanie and Jürgen B.
detached house, 320 m², Nuremberg
The free of charge property valuation from helped me to obtain a first impression of the market value of my apartment. I was then able to seek more information on a non-binding, free of charge basis.
Stefan P.
55 m² freehold apartment in Offenbach

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Answers to frequently asked questions

FAQ for sellers

How does the real estate comparison work?

After you have completed the free-of-charge property valuation and received the database-oriented value estimate you will receive initial valuations from up to 2 verified estate agents from your region who work for the realbest network within 24 hours. You can view customer evaluations as well as estate agent profiles. Finally, you decide whether you wish to be contacted by an estate agent, and if so which one.

Which estate agents does realbest work with?

realbest works with estate agents all over Germany who are proven to have many years of industry experience and professional qualifications in real estate including their business licence pursuant to § 34c GewO (Trade Regulation Act). realbest also communicates with estate agent firms as well as individual estate agents.

What information do I need to have available for the property valuation?

As part of the online property valuation you will be asked about the following features concerning your property: size of the habitable area and the size of the plot of land, position, year of construction, number of rooms, type of building, and completed renovation works, where applicable. The more precise and detailed your entries, the more meaningful your value estimate will be.

Why is the property valuation service free of charge?

At realbest, property valuation is free of charge, as it is an automated and database-supported process for an initial value estimate which serves as an orientation aid for you. The subsequent value estimates from up to two real estate agents in the region for properties for sale are a free service from realbest.

Online property valuation: free of charge and including estate agent comparison

Anyone wishing to sell their property will of course aim to achieve the best possible sale price. realbest is laying the foundation for this with a unique, free of charge online real estate valuation and will support owners throughout the whole sale process. Private property sellers receive their online property valuation within a few minutes. You can select the best option for you from a selection of verified estate agents which make sense from a regional perspective. Although the property valuation is free of charge, it provides a comprehensive estimate of the market value. This is because it is based on the one hand on an independent database of appraisers and on the other, where there is an intention to sell, verified estate agents provide professional estimates on the market value.
First of all, the owner enters some basic data for the property, for example the type of property, year of construction and size. This process will only take a few minutes. The property owner will receive an initial market valuation based on property valuations from a renowned database of appraisers. You will also receive a property valuation from regional, professional estate agents if you intend to proceed with a sale. With the online property valuation tool, each seller therefore has an initial, comprehensive idea of how much the house or the apartment is worth – including an estate agent comparison.
Notes on the online property valuation tool: our sale calculator offers a good starting point for calculating what sales revenue you can expect to achieve. However, it doesn’t replace a binding valuation of your house or apartment with an expert on-site assessment.

Property sales online: this is how to sell your property with realbest

realbest is Germany’s first online sales platform for residential property and our service goes far beyond free of charge property valuation and broker comparison. realbest prepares the documents professionally for each sale – in particular, this includes a high-quality, attractive property profile and translation of the information about the property into seven languages. In this way you can always retain an overview of the progress of the property with realbest: thanks to your personal seller cockpit, you always have 100 % control and transparency. With realbest, a strong market network is available to you as a private property seller which will accelerate the property sale and reduce the marketing time to a minimum. This is because on the one hand, the realbest network is made up of thousands of established property professionals such as real estate agents, affiliates and financial services providers which make use of your contacts. On the other hand, all of the key steps of the property sale process take place safely and simply online. The free property valuation, the best selection of agents out of more than 6,000 real estate agents, the wide reach and international marketing will lead you straight to the best possible price. The realbest team and your personal estate agent will support you with great professionalism on site throughout the property sale and will assist you with viewing appointments, credit checks and sales negotiations.
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