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Answers to frequently asked questions

FAQ for sellers

How will the value of my property be determined?

Once you have provided all the details of your property, these are compared with various market data such as sales offers or socio-economic factors from a renowned and extensive property database. This will produce an accurate value estimate. We always state this in a price range, since an online valuation cannot cover all eventualities. Therefore please note that to determine a final price, a professional estimate based on an on-site property viewing is required. The valuation from the online property valuation is an estimate to provide an initial point of orientation.

What does realbest do with my personal data?

realbest protects your personal data with the latest security technology in order to ensure that data transfer takes place securely. Personal data is only requested in order to use certain services and is saved and processed. Data transfer to third parties such as agents, financial services providers and affiliates only takes place if you request services from realbest which requires your data to be transferred. You can read more about the precise details concerning how we handle your personal data in our data protection policy.

What information do I need to have available for the property valuation?

As part of the online property valuation you will be asked about the following features concerning your property: size of the habitable area and the size of the plot of land, position, year of construction, number of rooms, type of building, and completed renovation works, where applicable. The more precise and detailed your entries, the more meaningful your value estimate will be.

Why is the property valuation service free of charge?

At realbest, property valuation is free of charge, as it is an automated and database-supported process for an initial value estimate which serves as an orientation aid for you. The subsequent value estimates from up to two real estate agents in the region for properties for sale are a free service from realbest.
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