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Estate agents

Is registration on free of charge?

Yes, for you as an estate agent, registration on is free of charge and non-binding.

Does realbest receive a share of the commission?

Yes, realbest will receive a share of the commission if a sale successfully completes. The precise rules governing how commissions are shared out can be found in the terms and conditions set out in the contract.

What requirements do I need to fulfill in order to register as an estate agent with

You require a business licence as stipulated in § 34c GewO (Trade Regulation Act).

Can I position myself on using my company name and logo?

Estate agents have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their company in an individual profile. Photographs and logos are included.

How can I gain additional sales contracts on realbest?

As soon as property owners have completed the property valuation process on and have qualified as a seller, estate agents in the relevant region receive a request to submit an initial sales estimate based on the property data received to date. The seller will therefore become aware of you. You can also position the process for the property valuation with your personal affiliate link in your network and therefore benefit from all follow-up business.

How is protection for customers and properties guaranteed?

Using the innovative structures, realbest is able to 100% guarantee customer and property protection using tracking and matching processes.


Is registration on free of charge?

Yes, registering on is free of charge and non-binding for you as an affiliate.

Which requirements do I need to fulfill in order to start working with realbest as an affiliate?

You will need an activated affiliate account on Register now.

What exactly does my role as an affiliate entail?

Depending on how much time you wish to spend and which commission model works for you, your remit extends from simply giving tips through to independently managing realbest sales contracts through to the role of managing properties and supporting the seller throughout the entire sales process.

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