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General questions

Who is the realbest service aimed at?

At realbest, private property owners can sell their property and buyers can find their dream property. On the other hand, realbest estate agents, financial service providers and affiliates offer a platform for purchasing and marketing residential properties. Property developers and project developers also have the opportunity to market their products heavily and with extensive reach through realbest.

What does it cost to use realbest services?

You will only be required to pay any fees once the sale of your property has been successfully completed in the form of a commission payable by the seller and/or the buyer. realbest receives a share of the commission received by the estate agent.

What does realbest do with my personal data?

realbest protects your personal data with the latest security technology in order to ensure that data transfer takes place securely. Personal data is only requested in order to use certain services and is saved and processed. Data transfer to third parties such as agents, financial services providers and affiliates only takes place if you request services from realbest which requires your data to be transferred. You can read more about the precise details concerning how we handle your personal data in our data protection policy.


Is the property valuation on your site free of charge?

Yes, our property valuation is free of charge and non-binding for you as a seller.

What does it cost me to sell a property with realbest?

If you agree a marketing contract with realbest, you will pay the usual commission for the region when the property sells successfully which will be split between realbest and your estate agent. This will be based on the sale price of your property and will be individually determined in detail by the participants. In some federal states it is usual for just the seller to pay the commission. Services such as creating a property profile, ad placement and creating sales documentation are free of charge for you. The exceptions are the energy certificate where required and if you do not actually sell the property in the end. In the latter case, a representation allowance will be charged.

Does estate agent brokerage involve any costs?

No, there will be no charge for brokerage through a competent agent in your region.

Do costs arise due to the telephone consultation by an expert from realbest?

No, there will be no charge for the use of a telephone consultation by an expert from realbest.

What information do I need to have available for the property valuation?

As part of the online property valuation you will be asked about the following features concerning your property: size of the habitable area and the size of the plot of land, position, year of construction, number of rooms, type of building, and completed renovation works, where applicable. The more precise and detailed your entries, the more meaningful your value estimate will be.

How will the value of my property be determined?

The details you enter about your property will be compared with various values for similar properties from an extensive and renowned real estate database. This will produce a first value estimate. Please note that to determine a final price, a professional estimate by an expert is required. For this purpose, one of our broker partners will be happy to appraise your property directly on site at your request. Just like the online valuation, this service is completely free of charge and non-binding for you.

Which regional partners does realbest work with?

realbest works with estate agents all over Germany who are proven to have many years of industry experience and professional qualifications in real estate including their business licence pursuant to § 34c GewO (Trade Regulation Act). realbest also communicates with estate agent firms as well as individual estate agents.

Why does realbest arrange sales through an estate agent?

Realbest views estate agents as an important factor for the success of private property sales. During the marketing phase, specialist knowledge and personal on-site support is essential to allow you to sell your property as quickly and successfully as possible. The broker takes care of various organizational issues in the process such as the coordination and execution of viewing appointments. Additionally, he can also mediate between you and the potential buyers as a neutral partner.

How can I prepare my property for sale?

We recommend that you thoroughly tidy up and clean up your property before the marketing activities start. If necessary, it may also make sense to carry out minor renovations. This allows you to present your property in the best possible way both on the photos and during the viewing appointments. Under certain circumstances, home staging, the professional upgrading of your property, can also be a worthwhile sales promotion measure. You are welcome to address this topic during your personal consultation in order to find out which measures are most worthwhile in your case.

How will I be kept up to date about progress in the sale of my property?

You can always check the status of your sale via your personal seller account – the information will be updated in real time. You will also be informed via email every time an important action (e.g. reservations) takes place. Your estate agent will also contact you by telephone if there are any adjustments. In addition, you always have the option of contacting your broker or realbest directly – we will be happy to help you at any time.


Is registration on free of charge?

Yes, registering on is free of charge for you as a prospective buyer and is non-binding.

Do I have to pay the agent who is managing the property?

Yes, in general, you must pay a commission following a successful purchase. What proportion of the total amount you are required to pay and whether the seller also has to pay a share of the commission depends on the federal state and the usual commission level in that region. You can pay your share of the commission directly to realbest. realbest will then ensure that the commission is distributed correctly.

How do I agree a viewing appointment?

If you request an online viewing appointment, the estate agent responsible for the property in question will contact you. Alternatively, after making your telephone enquiry, you will receive a link which you can use to create your personal realbest account and where you can view the property profile including all documentation relating to the property as well as the contact details of the relevant estate agent.

To what extent is a reservation binding?

By making a reservation, you as a buyer are reinforcing your interest in the property and therefore you gain a certain level of priority. As a reservation, unlike a pre-contract, is not certified by a solicitor, you do not have any claim on the property. The owner makes the final decision concerning to whom they will sell the property.
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