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realbest is the real estate network, that links estate sellers (property developers, project developers, private property sellers), estate agents, affiliates and buyers online. realbest allows for a fast and efficient marketing and mediation of properties. realbest is more than a classic real estate portal or a classifieds ad section - we facilitate faster and more transparent sales of properties within the network. Our service, too, exceeds that of real estate portals and classifieds, since realbest is available 24 hours seven days per week for all realbest-clients and advises them professionally for the purchase or the sale of real estate.

Real estate sellers, aiming to sell properties, effectuate maximum reach and multiply the number of qualified clients contacts through the real estate network and efficient marketing. Furthermore, we prepare all resl estate documents professionally. Real estate sellers can sell their properties rapidly through the network and receive an additional reporting of the real estate sale in realtime.

Real estate buyers, who are looking for an appartment and want to buy properties, receive attractive and exclusive real estate offers through a free user account. Whether they are interested in purchasing a house or buying an appartment - thanks to high-quality exposés and complete sales documents online, the real estate purchase becomes very easy. On our real estate portal you will find your dream property, that you can even reserve online.

Estate agents, aiming to offer real estate to their clients, secure their access online to an additional portfolio with exclusive properties, making the acquisition of properties for estate agents uncomplicated. Through recommendations of suitable property offers, estate agents secure their customer protection and additional commissions - no matter when and where their clients purchase properties on realbest.

Affiliates profit from an attractive commission for recommending sellers and prospective buyers. realbest allows financial advisors, financial service providers and asset managers systematic acces to recommendation commission for the sales and purchase of properties. In addition to their profession in home loan financing, real estate financing or asset management, realbest offers the solution to take advantage of cross-selling potential through real estate recommendation.