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realbest is the real estate network. realbest offers real estate sellers, buyers and agents a powerful online network for fast and efficient brokering of real estate.

Sellers achieve maximum exposure and increase the number of qualified customer contacts many times over with realbest. This allows sellers to reduce the time to sale considerably and also provides them with real time sales reporting. Your properties are available to all realbest customers online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Buyers receive online access through realbest to more attractive and exclusive properties with high-quality listings and all other property documentation. This allows buyers to find their dream property quickly and effectively, and they can even reserve it online.

Agents receive online access to an attractive real estate portfolio through realbest. Via realbest, estate agents can recommend suitable properties to their customers and simultaneously secure their customer protection. Attractive brokerage commissions allow estate agents to close additional sales.